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About Us

Irene’s Stardust Jewelry LLC designs and creates distinctive contemporary and classic jewelry.

Inspiration for the designs is derived from a full spectrum of colors. Annually, we draw from the colors indigenous to each season and those forecast by the fashion industry. Often the gemstones themselves are the inspiration for the design. Be it ruby, sapphire, onyx, topaz, quartz, turquoise, pearl, shell or crystal, the stone and its shape can drive the overall design.

The stones and pearls are hand picked from top manufacturers and distributors of precious and semi-precious gems and gemstones.

There is a deep appreciation, and utilization, of Swarovski, Presciosa, Czech and other types of hand-made and hand-cut crystal. Many designs use this element as either the focus of, or complement to each design.

Contact us at 908.766.4454, or 917.816.0508, or email us at contact@irenesstardust.com.

Special Orders

Our company has been asked to create one of a kind jewelry pieces for brides, bridal parties and other special occasions. This is a great opportunity to have an item created just for you, or someone that you care about, that will not be seen anywhere and include items you want with a quality that will last a lifetime.

If you see something on our site and would like the length altered or would like something in a different color, please give us a call or send us an email. We will adapt any item to your liking. Since each item is hand-made, special orders can be accommodated and are welcome. Delivery terms and prices are negotiable.

If you would like something memorable for your next special occasion, please email specialorders@irenesstardust.com or give us a call at 908.766.4454.

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